The Archaeological Museum



The Archaeological Museum of Cecina, opened in 2003, tells its visitors the long and fascinating tale of the lower valley of the Cecina river, a vast region stretching from the hills facing the town of Volterra to the mouth of the river and the coastal plain. This tale, beginning with Prehistory and going on with the Etruscan, the Roman and the Medieval ages, is told by means of a Museum tour periodically enriched by new acquisitions, result of old discoveries and recent archaeological researches.


The visit of the Museum includes the tholos of Casaglia, a monumental Etruscan tumulus tomb of the late VIIth cent. BC, entirely rebuilt in the garden of the Museum.


It is a very important part of the Museums of Cecina the Archaeological Park of the Roman Villa of San Vincenzino, located a few kilometers far from the Museum. Here you can visit the remains of one of the largest villas of the Etruscan coast, built in the Augustan age and abandoned during the Vth cent. AD. Do not miss the amazing underground cistern, a masterpiece of Roman architecture!